Doug the Dentist once traded me a filling for a tomato that i happened to have in my pocket cause i didn't have any money at the time. things are better now.

Doug the Dentist asked me to make him a web-site. so i said, okay, what do you want. he said, everything, the works. i said that will be impossible. he said, okay then, some stuff, you decide. i said, that may be dangerous, if you let me decide. i'm kinda nasty and all. he said he didn't care. Doug the Dentist is a nutty guy.

Doug the Dentist brought me over some pictures to use. So i am using them. one of them is of some naked people in a pool. at esalen or something, one of those places that have naked people in pools with vegetables strung about their bodies. here is the picture. i put black thingies across the faces of the people so they would not be embarrassed. except i did not put a black thingie across doug's face, cause what the hell. he said do anything you want.

me, i always want to make trouble cause things are more fun that way.

Doug the Dentist sometimes trades art for dental work. i think that's pretty cool, don't you?





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