Doug's Bicycle


Doug the Dentist said that he would like some pictures of his bicycle on his web-site. so i said, okay, bring me some. so then he brought me a couple of pretty shitty polaroids. but that's okay, cause i really like shitty polaroids. they are just like real life, don't you think?

so here is a picture of doug's bicycle. i melted it a bit (the picture i mean). i'm not sure if i like it all that much but that's all i can do right now. maybe i'll change it later.

anyways, i did fuck around with it in photoshop cause it's fun to fuck around in photoshop. now that i have a legal copy of photoshop, i can say i fuck around in photoshop all i want. that's a relief.

me i have a bike too but it's kinda rusty. also i tend to fall off a lot cause i'm very absentminded.


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