The Artist That Didn't Pay.

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this is the story of the artist that did not pay Doug the Dentist. nor trade him anything either. no names shall be mentioned mostly cause i don't know any of these people anyways, the famous artists and all. i am an anomaly in this world as i also am in many others. i'm like that. i like being like that.

anyways, when i was thinking about what do do on this site, i thought of, well, how about mentioning some real jerks. so i asked Doug the Dentist to give me the names of some jerky patients so i could embarrass them. he thought that was not a very good idea. he is a nicer person than me.

well gee, i said, then how about someone that conventiently neglected to pay you, hm? and that perhaps because of that fact now avoids you socially, things like that?

see i know human beings quite well, seeing as i have been a human being for a while.

so then doug said, well okay, there is this one person like that. oh goody, i said.


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